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chikni Fire mage

Submitted on: Mar 10, 2018 at 10:05 AM

About Yourself

Personal Name

imran ali

How old are you?


Where are you from/Where are you currently living?

im from pakistan

Please provide us with your ID


About Your Character

Race and Class
Blood Elf Mage
Main Spec / Offspec

Fire / frost

Any noteworthy alts?

i have a holy pala and fury warrior 965 ilvl

Time played on your character

30 days

Please explain your rotation and the thought behind it

With firestarter i prepot at 2 and cast fireball and while casting next fireball i do fire blast so i can start the fireball pyro chain mechanic and just do that until boss is under 90% where i pop my combustion with cd's and spam all instants to get as many pyro's out as possible.

And with belt legendary i will start scorching from 30% as it does 350% increased damage and allways crits.

Please explain your talent choice and stat priority

15 - firestarter, no better options for raid
30 - Shimmer, who doesnt like 2xblink and can cast while doing it? :D
45 - Incater's Flow best for AoE and movement fights, Rune of Power when i know i can stand still for longer times.
60 - Flame On, 1 more fire blast and 2sec cd reduction on recharge time
75 - Frenetic Speed, scorch gives more movement speed
90 - Unstable Magic for singletarget and Living bomb/Flame patch for AoE
100 - Meteor or kindling if i want more combustions to burn down important things over a fight

For Fire: It's Mostly Crit & mastery due to how the new t21 set works, although you need a bit of haste, about ~21% ish after that it's value decreases on sims.

Raiding Experience

Please tell us about your raiding experience (Past and Present)

i starting raiding at the Mid of MOP with Pug Raids and so on . At WOD i got my first Raiding Guild called Midnightexpress. With this Guild i killed Gorefiend 1 Day after the first small nerf ( i think it was about the 5 Seconds to get longer in the Stomage from him). Then guild stopped raiding because we lost our raidlead and some core members to a other Guild :/
HFC 13/13 M
IN leagin ENM 7/7 M TOV 3/2 M NH 6/10 M TOS 6/9 M

Name of your last / current guild

Reign of Terror

Why did you leave? / Why do you wish to leave the guild?

My current guild is only a casual raiding guild and there progress is really low thats the main reason im leaving Reign of Terror .

What would you be bringing to our team? / How can our community benefit from it?

Not much to say dedicated and focused on what ever i do.
As a player i can offer 100% attendence , prepaired for every raid we are doing(flasks,pots,food buff), i can be a mature player without raging, i am a very calm person .

Do you know anyone from Vindicta Nocturna?

sadly no

Is there something you would like to add?

Nothing :)


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Hello Imran,

thanks for you application. Sorry to inform you, but looking into your current progress and logs, we are not able to offer you a spot in our raiding team.


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