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Submitted on: Mar 10, 2018 at 02:13 AM

About Yourself

Personal Name


How old are you?


Where are you from/Where are you currently living?


Please provide us with your ID


About Your Character

Race and Class
Tauren Druid
Main Spec / Offspec


Any noteworthy alts?

959 protection warrior, 955 Affliction, 952 assasination

Time played on your character

16 days, 19 hours

Please explain your rotation and the thought behind it

On most encounters, Incarnation can be popped on cooldown. Notable exceptions would be Coven dot adds, or kin'garoth add phase.
The artifact ability always needs to have a maximum of two stacks available, preferably using the half/full moon when a trinket/legionfall proccs.
Same goes with lunar strikes, those have priority during procs.
Never cast starsurge when an empowerement is at 3 stacks, unless casting any other astral power generating spell would result in resource capping.
100% uptime on dots, with refreshing on less than 3 seconds. Exceptions would be movement forced by a mechanic, and not having Stellar drift up for whatever reason.

Please explain your talent choice and stat priority

The talents are pretty straight forward:

15:Starlord, because it is a steady DPS increase. Warrior of Elune could be a good choice on high mobility bosses, but i feel like Stellar Drift makes up for that.
30: I prefer Displacer Beast in order to cheat mechanics (ruiner, imonar traps etc.).
45: Guardian Affinity to help healers.
60: Doesn't really matter, except on Aggramar where you can cc two adds by picking mass entanglement.
75: Incarnation, or soul of the forest, depending on the encounter and the currently equipped legendaries. For single target, Incarnation(always), and for multi target Soul of the forest if there is a better legendary other than Soul of the archdruid for that specific encounter(still experimenting with Radiant moonlight).
90: Shooting Stars for fights with multiple targets, Blessing of the Ancients on single target.
100: Since Oneth's Intuition is currently the best in slot legendary, Stellar drift is the best choice both in single target and aoe situations. It also doubles as an awesome way of keeping up DPS on high mobility bosses, as mentioned above.

Stat Priority:
Single target and Multi target
Intellect > Mastery >= Haste >Crit > Vers

The only reason intellect is ahead of mastery/haste is because it also buffs the damage of the artifact ability.
Although the balance druid has dots, which greatly benefit from haste, i feel like because of the fact that mastery increases the effect starfall has on buffing the dots, while also greatly increasing the damage of empowered wraths/lunar strikes, mastery pulls ahead.

Raiding Experience

Please tell us about your raiding experience (Past and Present)

I did some casual raiding and pvp on a friend's account back in Cata and MOP, nothing too serious.
I started playing last summer, and got back into raiding just as ToS was ending. I then took a break, and started playing again from January.

I completed Antorus HC a decent number of times(both on my main and on alts), and i find it exceedingly boring as a dps. Recently started tanking on my alt, and i find that challenging enough. On my DPS however, i feel like i need a bit more challenge.

I only have mythic experience on antorus, with kills on the first 2 bosses, and a decent amount of attempts on High command(~43 or something).

I didn't have a chance to experience much of what mythic has to offer, but i feel like I can really improve and get the best out of myself if i can be in a stimulating environment.

Name of your last / current guild

Legio Getica

Why did you leave? / Why do you wish to leave the guild?

My current guild is dying out.
I initially joined as a social, then the guild finished heroic progression. They started mythic while i was still gearing up. Currently people are not turning up on raid nights, and more and more inexperienced and undergeared players are recruited and part of the base raiding team.

What would you be bringing to our team? / How can our community benefit from it?

I'd say that i will probably make every mistake possible. But only once.

I am a quick learner with more than decent reflexes.

Also i have a knack for challenges and boss fights. I am a huge fan of Dark Souls, and more recently Cuphead and Hollow Knight. All of these games are heavily boss centered and have a very specific set of mechanics that have to be understood in order to succeed, much like wow. The only difference would be that these games are a single player experience, while wow is most definetly not.

Which brings me to my next point, which is excellent communication, shot calling etc. I am not a very talkative person, but i always make the most of my words, and use them when most needed.

Do you know anyone from Vindicta Nocturna?


Is there something you would like to add?

The logs for heroic are not up to date since i stopped playing heroic before i got my bis legendary and other great stat stick items, because i didn't need gear anymore.

Also the logs aren't mine, someone else was logging. Back then i didn't know how important logs were. But i will try to clear heroic these days and update the logs.



Greetings Sàvageclaw and thanks for your application!
Overall you've put alot if effort into your application so a big + on that.

What worries me is that you "just got back into raiding" in late ToS but ended up quitting for a couple of months? Now you've been back for only 2 months and you say you find the raid boring already. Seeing as were stuck with this raid for another couple of months atleast, this makes me worry about your possible future attendance, were you to be accepted for a trial.

When it comes to the boomkin stuff specifically I'll await Dukaas/Narigons reply for that.

PS! Please sort your logs asap!

Good Luck!


I'd like to clarify that i find heroic antorus boring. Mythic on the other hand is incredibly fun. That is the precise reason i am looking for a mythic guild :).

Also i quit in late ToS because i had some exams and didn't have time to raid nor gear up.
Now however, time is not much of a problem anymore. I should be able to attend every raid. If something important comes up though i will make sure to notify an officer.

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